The Villars Alpine Resort is a hybrid destination that ingeniously combines hospitality, education, and sustainability.

Our aspiration: to break the codes of traditional hospitality by creating a unique holistic concept that meets the needs of tomorrow's travelers.

The new era of hospitality

Le Villars Alpine Resort est une destination hybride mêlant subtilement l'hôtellerie, l'éd

In the twilight of a career dedicated to entrepreneurship in various fields such as real estate, raw materials and education, the passion that unites us and drives us today can be summed up in one word: transmission. What world will we leave behind? How will our legacy enable future generations to deal with today and tomorrow’s economic, social, and environmental concerns?

When we first visited the property that would become home of the Villars Alpine Resort, it became self-evident to us: We were to build a place that would break boundaries, change perspectives, and encourage change. A space that would bring people together, to allow interaction in many ways, with the well-being of each visitor, in harmony with our ecosystem, at the heart of our concerns.

An environment that would give everyone the opportunity to be part of the journey.

Jérôme de Meyer & Marco Dunand,
Co-owners & founders, 
Villars Alpine Resort

Our history